Town of Palermo Dog Control Officer
Fred Rosencranz - DCO
Nicole Vant - DCO Deputy
Kennel: (315) 593-2333 ext 226   
Cell: (315) 402-9109  
Fax: (315) 598-2075

Please remember that the D.C.O. cannot do anything about cats.  The law prohibits the dog control officer from picking up stray cats or anything else that is NOT a dog.

All dogs in New York State MUST be licensed by the age of 4 months and older.  It doesn't matter if they are confined to the house or not, ALL dogs must be licensed in accordance to NYS Ag & Markets Law Article 7.

Dog License Fees are as follows:
Unspayed/Unneutered  $13.00
Spayed/Neutered          $ 6.00
In order to get a dog license, you must have a current rabies certificate.  The Town Clerk will issue a license with a current rabies certificate.

All dogs that are redeemed from the kennel, must have proof of license before the dog is allowed to leave the kennel.

The Town of Palermo Dog Control Officer has a CHIP reader to scan for microchips.  If you have found a dog and would like to see if it has a chip, please contact us and we will be happy to scan the dog for you.  

If you have FOUND or LOST a dog please CONTACT the DCO IMEADIATELY, this will insure a quick return home 315-402-9109

If you suspect Animal Cruelty (mistreatment, abandonment, no housing, no food, no water, etc.) please contact 911 and ask for a State Trooper to investigate.  We as Dog Control Officers by law cannot do anything with Animal Cruelty.  Animal Cruelty falls under Article 28 under the Ag and Markets Law and we only deal with Article 7 of the Ag and Markets Law and Town Law.  

                    Important Phone #'s:

                            Oswego County Heatlh Dept. Rabies - 315-349-3564

                            DEC- 315-426-7400

                                             Ag & Markets Law Article 7

Local Law 2 of 2010 that updates fines and fees

The Town of Palermo is now offering
Click below for more information about adoption 

Town of Palermo Habitual Barking and Leash Laws

Habitual barking it is defined as follows:
To engage in habitual loud howling, barking, crying and whining for a constant ten minutes, or intermediatly for a half hour, or to conduct itself in such a manner so as to habitually annoy any person, unless the dog(s) is/are actively engaged in hunting, or training for hunting, or service dog(s).

There Is A "Leash" Law In Effect Throughout
The Year In The Town Of
Palermo  That Prohibits Dogs
From Being At Large! Dogs Must Remain On Its Own
Property Unless It Is Under Direct Supervision And
Control Of Its Owner Or Responsible Person!!!

Need help to get your dog spayed or neutered??

Program Procedure for Animals Owned by People on Public Assistance

Eligibility Requirements
            To be eligible to receive a low-cost spay or neuter surgery for your dog or cat, the following requirements must be met:

  • The owner shall be a resident of New York State and
  • The owner shall submit proof to a veterinarian participating in the program in the form of an adoption agreement that their dog or cat was adopted from a pound, shelter, duly incorporated society for the prevention of  cruelty to animals, humane society or dog or cat protective association within New York State or
  • The owner shall provide proof of their participation in at least one of the following:

1. The federal Food Stamp program;
2. The federal Supplemental Security Income for the Aged, Blind and Disabled program;
3. The federal Low Income Housing Assistance program;
4. The State Family Assistance Program;
5. The State Safety Net Assistance Program;
6. The State Program of Medical Assistance;
7. The State Food Assistance Program.

Application For Animal Population Control Voucher

For those don't qualify for above can purchase a voucher to cut cost through Friends of Animals:

Below is the list of Veterinarians in your area. 

8293 ST RT 104
OSWEGO, NY  13126
North Country Vet (Pulaski)
4592 US-11
Pulaski NY 13142

Mexico Veterinary Hospital 
48 Cornell Rd
Mexico NY 13114
Highland Animal Hospital 
12 Gertrude Dr
Central Square NY 13036