Town Clerk:
Elisabeth Joy
Monday - Thursday 9am-4:00pm
(315) 593-2333 ext 227

Deputy Clerk: Jean Hart 

Marriage Licenses

  • Both parties are required to apply together, have a driver's ID and Birth Certificates.
  • If either person has been married before, then a dissolution of marriage, or a death certificate, are also required.
  • The fee is $40.00.
  • There is a 24 hour waiting period.
  • The license is good for 60 days
  • Marriage License FAQ

Dog Licenses

  • All Dogs in NYS must be licensed by age 4 months and older.
  • If you harbor a dog more then 30 days then you are considered the owner of that dog.
  • Dogs must have a current rabies certificate in order to obtain a dog license.
  • Town of Palemero does have a "leash law" which means dogs need to be under the control of the owner/responsible person at all times.

Hunting and Fishing

Environmental Conservation Officers

for Oswego County

Matthew Dorrett           
Shawn Dussault           
George Lapoint            
Anthony Panipinto        
James Reitmeier